Pipe range: from 114 to 219 mm


ТМК UP PF ET is a casing connection for horizontal wells of oil, gas, and gas-condensate fields.

It ensures high tightness in difficult operating conditions (extreme bending, compressive, and tensile loads, torque, aggressive environments) and is efficient in case of drilling with casing.

Metal-to-metal seal

  • Reliable and efficient radial cone-to-cone seal
  • Quick connection and disconnection of sealing surfaces in the contact area
  • Differentiated tightness of fit for the seal depending on the standard size



  • Guaranteed tightness in difficult operating conditions taking place in case of combined loading, internal pressure, tension, compression, and bending.
  • Opportunity of multiple assembly operations and of use as tubing.

Negative angle shoulder

  • Increased shoulder thickness
  • Protects connection from excessive torque and compression
  • Accurately fixes mutual positions of seal and thread elements with the set values of tightness of fit
  • Increases efficiency of the radial cone-to-cone seal, closes the inner contour of the pipe


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  • Assurance of the connection operability under significant torque and compression force.
  • Stable operating parameters of the connection. The absence of disturbance of working fluid flow inside the pipe.

Buttress trapezoidal thread

  • Has a free outlet to the pipe body.
  • The tensile-weak section is maximally close to the section of the pipe.
  • Load flank negative angle.
  • Design clearance on the outer diameter of the thread.
  • Large length of free pipe entry into the coupling.



  • The connection failure load is equal to the pipe tensile failure load.
  • The risk of threads coming out of contact under tension is eliminated.
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion.
  • Ease of connection assembly.

Assembly control

  • Possibility to control the correctness of assembly on the basis of make-up torques
  • Possibility to control the correctness of assembly using marks
  • Possibility to change the speed of rotation during assembly using the position of a triangular sign as reference



  • Easy control of assembly correctness