Pipe range: 60.32–339.72 mm


  • 100% tensile and compressive efficiency
  • Quick-assembly premium connection

Thread profile

  • The thread in a shape of a hook with a negative angle prevents the threads from coming out of contact.
  • Reduced clearance minimizes thread mobility and prevents transfer of excessive loads to shoulder area during compression.
  • Roots and crests of the thread are parallel to the pipe axis, which ensures easy and deep stabbing and fine make-up at the initial stage of assembly.
  • Enhanced thread profile ensures resistance to scoring.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-threading.
  • Increases resistance to bending loads.

Metal-to-metal seal

  • Gas tight sphere-to-cone seal
  • Tested according to API 5C5 CAL IV for 100% tensile and compression efficiency


  • The unique elongated structure of the shoulder provides for the resistance to compressive loads due to the control of elastic deformation.
  • Increased thickness of the contact area protects the connection from excessive torques and compression.
  • Additional sealing area.