Hilong double-shoulder thread connection, HLIDS series

Information about the product

HLIDS® is a series of double-shoulder tool joints with high torsional strength for drilling pipes that have been developed on the basis of HLDS®. These joints are applied for drilling in severe conditions, such as in deep wells, horizontal wells, extended-reach wells, in sulfur-containing environment, etc.

Product features

In comparison with API tool joints, HLIDS® tool joints have the following peculiar features:

  • Double-shoulder structure;
  • Smooth reduction of inner diameter;
  • Interchangeability with API tool joints and double-shoulder tool joints produced by main manufacturers of drilling pipes.
Product advantages
  • High torsional strength: the torsional strength is 20–50% higher than that of the equivalent API tool joints;
  • Providing torsional strength:
    • it is possible to increase the inner diameter;
    • it is possible to reduce the outer diameter;
  • High fatigue resistance, which extends service life;
  • Reduction of cases of trapped oil-well cement and drill cuttings.

Product specification:

HLIDS® series includes types HLIDS®26, HLIDS®31, HLIDS®38, HLIDS®40, HLIDS®46, HLIDS®50, HLIDS®5 1/2FH, HLIDS®6 5/8FH, etc. and covers drilling pipes of all steel grades and specifications from 2 3/8″ to 6 5/8″.

Specification and parameters