Hardbanding is a coating in the form of bands welded on drilling tools. These bands are harder than the pipe metal and have a special microstructure.

The main purpose of hardbanding build-up is to protect drilling pipes and a casing string from abrasive wear, thereby extending their service life.

Delta Energy Services carries out hardbanding in inert gas with the use of special flux-cored wire.
Why is it necessary to protect drilling tools? Drilling tools in the process of operation in both open and cased hole carry out translational and rotational movements, mostly contacting with the open or cased hole by tool joints. For this reason, drilling tools more often wear out in the area of tool joints, decreasing in diameter.

The hard-alloy band applied to pipe tool joints receives abrasive load in the process of drilling, sacrificing itself and saving expensive equipment. The hard-alloy band more efficiently resists abrasive impact, and due to lower friction coefficient reduces drilling torque. Besides, the microstructure of the band metal has a lower abrasive impact on the casing string. A worn band can be easily built-up again, while unprotected drilling tools will wear out along the diameter and they will have to be written off.

Delta Energy Services offers services of applying and inspecting hardbanding for protection of drilling tools.

The band does not damage a casing string, and it can be both applied to new stored equipment and tools and re-applied to the majority of existing worn hard-alloy bands.

The hardbanding plant complies wiht all the up-to-date quality standards. It is conveniently located in a 20-feet container, which allows us to carry out hardbanding both at our premises and at the premises of the customer, and even in the field in 24/7 mode under the temperature of up to -20 °C.

The specialists and the plant of Delta Energy Services are certified for welding build-up of different materials. The company has a storage of supplies in Russia. The materials used are DURABAND NC, INTERPRO, ARNCO.

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