No well can work without subs

For connection of different drilling stem components, including bottom-hole assembly, there are used various types of subs. Delta Energy Services manufactures any subs to best meet your needs: box-pin, pin-box, pin-pin, box-box. There are also subs for different purposes: safety joints, crossover subs, bit subs, top drive subs and lifting subs.

The main function of the tubing sub is the threaded connection between pipes of different diameters and different thread types.

Delta Energy Services OOO manufactures standard subs (API 7-1) and subs based on approved drawings.

We are ready to offer our customers the production of subs for crossover from drilling connections to tubing or casing and back, and subs for crossover from one size to another, from standard thread to premium thread.

Advantages of Delta Energy Services products:

  • The most popular sizes of subs ex warehouse or made-to-order;
  • Constant availability of metal billets of various alloys and steel grades: bar stock and pipe billets at the warehouse, which ensures quick execution of orders;
  • We offer our products wholesale and retail;
  • Delta Energy Services equipment and drilling tools are available with any type of connection—API, GOST, Premium;
  • Delta Energy Services is your specialized partner that can execute your order meeting the individual requirements in the shortest possible time;
  • Opportunity to manufacture products of any length and weight of up to 8 tons;
  • We use only high-quality/licensed materials.

All products are manufactured in Russia at the production facilities of Delta Energy Services and are available in a large variety of premium and standard connections. Other patented connections that are not included in our licensing pool can be manufactured by a certified subcontractor or partner companies.

  • Delta Energy Services has its own production line manufacturing tubing and casing subs having large diameters and premium threads TMK UP MAGNA (C).
  • Wide range of diameters: 340–508 mm.
  • Constant availability of popular size for Pin-Pin sub: 426 mm, strength group J-55, N-80.
  • Production time: from 10 days.

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