Energy + Implementation

Our primary objective is a combination of three vectors:
- to create products of highest quality,
- to develop new solutions and explore new horizons,
- to find new talents and unlock their potential.

Delta Energy Services is a qualified licensee of largest plants manufacturing premium connections and has been on the international list of API certified companies since 2013. The total production volume of premium connections in 2018 reached 8,885 pieces.
Company history

It’s all about the people

In our work, first of all, we are focused on our team. Our main asset is people. The specialists of Delta Energy Services have vast experience of work in foreign and native oil companies. We use the accumulated experience efficiently and synergetically in order to offer you the best competitive solution on the market.

Know-how and technologies

Delta Energy Services always strives for the implementation of international best practices in Russia. The company is a permanent participant of industry exhibitions and a member of technical committees of the TOP 10 oil companies of Russia and the CIS. We adopt and implement best foreign practices to solve problems and carry out tasks of home customers.

Communication on equal terms with leaders

Industry professionals know that API Q1 is a high rating of the company in the sphere of oil-related services. Delta Energy Services for the 8th year in a row successfully obtains certification of the American Petroleum Institute.

Stable growth and development

The company has been successfully growing and developing on the Russian market for over 9 years with the indicator of non-productive time less than 1% (0.64%).

Interested in working for us?

In the “Career” section we gathered all the necessary information about employment with Delta Energy

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